Tweet Adder Twitter App For Niche Affiliate Marketing


Sunday, January 2, 2011

Tweet Adder Proven Twitter App For Niche Affiliate Marketing

Tweet Adder gives you proven results, this twitter app is highly recommended. What you are about to read is the culmination of  information and niche affiliate marketing ezine resource. I hope you enjoy it and try it for FREE.

Twitter For Traffic - What Can Tweet Adder Do For You?

Tweet Adder offers the user a plethora of options that are each designed to help boost their business. The main function of Tweet Adder is simple: Generate more followers for your Twitter account. The more people you follow, the more followers you'll get in return. Many people on Twitter automatically follow those who've chosen to follow them, and others will want to look at your "bio" page before doing so. Therefore it's important to remember to keep your bio interesting and relevant - it's an opportunity for at least one click-through to your site as people try to figure out who you are and why they should follow you.

Searching For Followers In Your Niche
Twitter allows you to search for your followers with very specific sets of criteria. Are you a business that only serves walk-in customers? You probably only want people in your area. Are you a business that specializes in pink elephant sculptures? You'll likely not want to market to people who can't stand elephants. Tweet Adder lets you find people in your area, search their tweets for specific keywords, search their bio page for specific keywords, and automatically follow them and their followers.

Keeping Your Followers

Running out of follows? If you realize half of the people you follow don't follow back, you can set Tweet Adder to unfollow them within a certain time period to make sure when you hit your follow allowance you have the exact same amount of followers as you do followed.

Getting New Followers

Want to greet new followers? Tweetadder is the only program that allows you to do that. Want to get tweets posted, but don't want to sit at your computer all weekend? You can set up automatic tweeting. Want to mass unfollow all of the people who haven't chosen to follow you in return, but don't want to unfollow those who have? You can add your followers to a VIP list that protects them from unfollowing.

Other Competing Tools

Tweet Adder does have competition - Hummingbird and Twitter Snipe, but both of them are much more expensive with less benefit. Of course if you're looking for some very basic functions and don't want to try to figure out the more complex Tweet Adder you may want to try one of them.

Tweet adder also allows you to examine how it's working for you with graphs showing you information like how many people you've followed, how many have followed you, and other such trends. Tweet Adder claims it will pay for itself quickly - as they offer a free demo, there's no reason you can't test it and see if it suits your business needs.
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The tweet adder information you just read was pulled from ezine resource. You should continue searching for twitter app information until you believe you have a firm grasp of the subject. I do want to thank you for visiting and good luck with your niche affiliate marketing.


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